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slowly_drifting has been judged

Layout : Nyagh. That would be my initial reaction to your journal, in addition to a complete jaw drop. It's gorgeous, there's no other way to say this... it's just abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous. I adore the main picture you used, and the quotes along the side... I just adore everything about this. I'll just go back to staring and drooling now.

Entries : As I stop snickering at the Simpson's entry. That is absolutely priceless... and this Simpson fan gets the joke. And, there is nothing wrong with being obsessive about the Simpsons. Nothing at all. And, I love your loser comment. I agree with your second point, though, I'm wondering why I don't put Britney Spears into my music line... wonder if I'm missing something here...

Info : You quoted Edgar Allan Poe. +10 points.

Icons : Like the rest of your journal, the icons are beatiful. It's only then that I realised you did everything in your journal with a free account. I'm really impressed.

Your Score : The jury has reached a decision. I'm wavering between an A and an A+...

PS... can I add you to my friends list? ^.^
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