Rachel Mikhailova (gospozha) wrote in judge_myjournal,
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primalfire has been judged

Layout: It's Default. Default, default, default, default, default. Sure, I can judge it but the verdict should go to livejournal, since they designed everything in your layout.

Entries: Ok...way too archaic for me. Although for the most part, grammar, syntax, and punctuation rules are followed well, the fact that you write in a style inherent to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century creeps me out a bit. As do most of the entries. I'm sorry that you seem to have had such a shitty life...but...oh nevermind.

Info: Well, it's pretty average. Short, but not completely boring.

Icons: The one icon you had didn't do a thing for me. Use your other two spots, they're free.

Your Score: The jury has reached a decision.

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