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actualdork has been judged

Layout : I had to take a step back when looking at your layout. First off... two thumbs up for using Generator style. By far the best of the layouts and it looks the best too. I'm not sure what screen resolution this is meant to be seen at. To be honest, it doesn't look that great at 1024x768 because the image starts tiling. Most people are using the higher resolution now... Nice comment links too.

Entries : Meh... nothing that really struck my interest right off. But, you get points for being able to talk and write with some sense of grammar and spelling, so points there.

Info : I'm probably going to be a bit biased as I read your info, but oh well. Go you for having music as your main passion. (I'm a violinist... I'm the same way. :^) ) Nice to know what you're involved in and good luck with your band. ^^

Icons : Not bad. I'm assuming that's you in the default pic... usually I can't stand it when people use themselves in their icons, but I like what you did with this one. The others aren't bad... though, the one with the tattoo is a bit blurry.

Your Score : All in all, I liked your journal. I'll give you a B. ^^

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