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sarahgcfa has been judged

Layout : Other than a nice hover effect, I find your layout to be rather blah. It's just dual color... though, simplicity isn't always a bad thing. But, a nice background image would really spice the journal up nicely. At least the red you chose wasn't a glaring one that made your eyes hurt when set against black.

Entries : The one that really caught my eye was the one in the haunted hospital. That one really struck a chord with me as I live in a haunted dorm on campus (it used to be a hospital and a mental institution among other things). Very, very creepy. Sadly, I'm typing this up before my first class and can't read through the rest. Your entries are interesting and are easy to read. Good job there. ^^

Info : Like the way you did your info... simplistic and stat-like. Told me about you and all that good stuff.

Icons : Interesting icons. I like that they are animated, but not to the point that you can't see what they say. The default... there are times I feel like that. ^.~.

Your Score : The jury has reached a decision. The layout is what kept you from the A.

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