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knee2danuhfosho has been judged

Layout : Ow... the colors really hurt my eyes. The three colors look great together... but I think it's the angle of the stripes and how small they are that just... ow. It's really giving me a headache. I do, however, love the comment links. It took me forever to find where your user info was. That's one pet peeve of mine... if I have to hover to find where your info (or calendar, or friends lists) is very, very annoying. And the text is way too small. I have to squint to read anything. Once again. Ow.

Entries : There's a little thing called capital letters. It's nice to use them every once and a while. They go at the start of sentences and when you are talking about yourself (as in I). Please use them... I find it annoying to read these entries. And, nothing really caught my attention.

Info : Okay. Didn't tell me a single thing about you... other than I know what you look like. Yay.

Icons : Not bad... but, didn't do anything for me.

Your Score : The jury has reached a decision.

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